We design innovative products and services that blend online and offline touch-points.

We work with large corporations and startups to improve the user experience of existing products and services and discover new opportunities to grow their businesses.

> Deliver consistent customer experiences across multiple channels and touch-points.
> Discover and validate new revenue streams with our rapid prototyping process.
> Create the appetite for invention and innovation and within your organisation.
> Design the right business model for your value proposition.

“My partnership with On-off not only led to a minimal viable product (MVP) – but a commercially viable business. The process is life-changing, you bring an idea (even if it needs a lot of work), and ~3 months later they send you off fully equipped to add value to the world. I could not be more indebted to them and highly recommend their outcome-driven approach.” — Jason Sigmon, EcoPort Founder

“Having been to many entrepreneurial events that talk about ideas (Lean start up, MVP etc), it was truly mind-blowing to learn how businesses can be improved from a design strategist’s perspective, through user experience and service design.” — Vivien Tse, Learning Garden Education Centre

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